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further literacy building

Word Families


Word Families help children understand what sounds are made when letters are placed together. It's a beginning step for learning to read. By recognizing each word family, children will start to recognize and be able to sound out words. We started with word families in January. We were able to start the

-at Family and the -og Family, but I'm including them again because it's been a while. There are a ton of possibilities, I've included some to get you started. You'll notice these lessons double as a review of rhyming words because the words in a word family always rhyme!


The following video is a perfect example of how to teach word families. You can use this approach to teach your preschooler all of the word families. I love that the teacher uses alphabet magnets. Maybe you have some at your house that you could use! If not, it's just as great to use precut crafting letters, flashcards or write the alphabet and cut out your own. Something hands on will be most effective. 


How to Teach Word Families


~ If you enjoy educational videos available on YouTube, search for 

"Alphablocks" and you'll find an array of options for word families videos! 

~ Click Here to view a great list of Word Families. It's a poster you can purchase, but I'm just sending you here because you can grab word family ideas from it :) 

-at Family Worksheet 1

-at Family Worksheet 2

-at Family Video


-og Family Worksheet 1

-og Family - My Own -og Book

-og Family Video


-et Family Worksheet & Games

The link above is awesome, but does have a lot of color & images, so if you don't want to use a lot of ink, just view the activities with your preschooler & have him/her answer the questions verbally. 

-et Family Worksheet 2

-et Family Video

-ed Family Worksheet1

-ed Family Worksheet 2

-ed Family Video


*BONUS: Color by Word Family 1

*BONUS: Color by Word Familly 2



Sight Words (New)

Sight words are exactly what their name says - words recognized by sight. They're the beginning words that are used most often in early reading that children learn to recognize at a glance. Little learners will strengthen the understanding that letters build words and words build sentences that we read and write. By practicing these words, you'll help build your child's early reading skills. Please print or write out the 40 Sight Word flashcards (pdf below). 40 sure does sound like a lot, but please don't be initmidated! Your preschooler will not be expected to know all of the sight words when they enter Kindergarten. Just work on them in small groups of 5 or so. You'll be amazed at how they start to stick! Your preschooler is on their way to reading!

Printable Sight Word Flashcards

Hands-On Sight Word Games



This Week's Themes


This Week's Goals


Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

math concepts

Addition & Subtraction (New)

This is our final math lesson of the year! I can't believe it! I made the video below to help you teach Addition and Subtraction to your preschooler. They're both on one video, so just stop it after the addition portion and return another day for subraction. Keep in mind that the goal is for your little learner to understand that adding means putting everything together and subtracting means taking some away. It's ok if they don't get a full grasp on it right all things, it takes practice. If you have any questions, I'm here for ya!

Addition & Subtraction Video

Addition Worksheet 1

Addition Worksheet 2

Celebrating Mothers

You Mommas are amazing! And so loved! Your little ones talked about you every day at school and we loved witnessing how much they care about you! Here are two great activites you can do with your little sweetheart to celebrate the beautiful Mother-Child bond you share. 



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