We believe in making learning fun &  helping your little one grow into the amazing person they are meant to be! 



Ms. Beth

Monday - Thursday - Friday

9:30 am - 12:30 pm


COVID-19 sure has presented challenges and obstacles to our center, but we aren't letting it get us down! We're taking on a hybrid schedule, providing three days of in-person learning and providing two days of activities for home. We are thankful to our amazing families who are helping to make this school year a success! 

Preschool Teacher

Here  are some  videos our teacher created to nourish at-home learning during

this unexpected pandemic. at school or at home, we make it happen. 

Thank you to our partner

agencies who are helping

us keep our mission alive! 

About Our Preschool

Including the graduates of the 2019-20 school year,  Small Town Hope has proudly served a total of 94 children with a quality early childhood education in just 5 years! We are so happy that we are an option available for many little learners in Northern Cambria and surrounding areas. Our Preschool program is for children ages 4 & 5 years old. Keep reading to learn more. Skip on over to our   TodPod    page to learn more about our early preschool for 3 year olds! And as always,   contact us         anytime with any questions you have!

Our indoor classroom offers a fresh colorful open concept design. The bright room allows for learning to occur in a many ways. We have Morning Meeting, Exercise, Table Time Learning, Educational Centers, Arts & Crafts, and loads of space for true hands on free play with peers. In our room, music and art are abundant so that our room always feels living and growing , just like the students. We even have our own kitchen for meals to nourish the children so they physically grow, too!  Each day, students focus on core basics like numbers, shapes, colors, letters, phonics, the weather and the calendar. Math, literacy, science and social studies concepts correlate to a weekly theme. We promote manners and kindness in a positive way to help shape little hearts while we shape little minds. Visitors - of the human and animal kind - provide us with entertainment and education.

We make learning fun! Children who attend our program will have a multi-faceted learning experience so that they can expose their true strengths as well as determine their likes versus dislikes.  Little learners here will be able to build towers, grow veggies, taste new snacks with friends, pet baby goats, sing, and dance everyday. They'll be ready for Kindergarten intellectually, physically and socially. 

The 2020-2021 preschool year class will operate Monday through Friday, 9am-12pm at Hope's Villa Children's Center in Northern Cambria.

Memories Made by the Minute!

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