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Now Enrolling For The 2023-2024 School Year

Small Town Hope Preschool

at Hope's Villa Children's Center


We make learning fun! Children who attend our program will have a multi-faceted learning experience so that they can discover their strengths with positive support and grow into the amazing little humans they are meant to be. Little learners here will be able to paint, build towers, count, grow veggies, spend time with a book, take in nature, taste new snacks, write, pretend, sing, and dance! They'll be ready for Kindergarten intellectually, physically and socially. 

How We
Got Here

Small Town Hope Preschool was started in 2015. That makes the 2023-2024 school year our 9th year of educating young children in the Northern Cambria Area! Each year, Small Town Hope strives to improve and grow its preschool program to offer the best learning experiences to our enrolled children. Quality lessons and curriculum prepare your preschooler to meet important goals and to ensure development at the right pace. Our preschool program continues to be a wonderful journey and we're so proud of where it has led us. 

What We're
Up To Now

Learning, learning, and more learning! Our teachers and tiny minds are working hard to wrap up the 2022-2023 school year. It's been a fantastic one! We're enhancing learning with more special experiences than ever, including a visit by a local author! We even have our own Blue House Book Club that supplies books to our children so they can read at home. As a sweet bonus, Spring's sunny days are gifting us with warmth to play outside and strengthen gross motor skills. Bodies and minds are growing and thriving! It won't be long before we are preparing for our Graduation Ceremony! 

Looking Ahead
to the Future

We are currently enrolling for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Please call 814-420-8362 if you are interested in enrolling your little one in our program. We'd love to have you as part of our preschool family.  

Our program is enhanced by use of evidence-based, kid-friendly curriculum. Kiddos learn through  an immersive, hands-on approach. The curiosity of the children steers the way, so our students are always engaged!

The Ones Who Shape Little Minds

Our Preschool Team is comprised of three credentialed, creative and committed Teachers. They make learning fun while modeling kindness and  seizing  every opportunity for teachable moments. 

Miss Beth Paronish, Teacher

Miss Kelly Harper, Teacher

Miss Richelle Yingling, Assistant

Stop Back Soon to learn more about our early education team! 


At the conclusion of each school year, Small Town Hope celebrates their bright preschool graduates with a beautiful Graduation Ceremony! Students, teachers, families, supporters and community join together for this joyous occasion. The graduating preschoolers sing songs, receive special awards and diplomas, and soak up a ton of well-earned congratulations for their hard work this school year. Click here to View Our 2022 Ceremony

Credentialed Teachers

Credentialed Teachers

Our qualified staff go above and beyond with their caring and dedicated nature. They do more than teach - they encourage, comfort, support and inspire children to grow and learn.

Inspired Classroom

Inspired Classroom

A roomy, open-concept learning space provides the perfect environment for STH's educational programs! Safety always comes first. The vivid classroom is tailored to be appealing and welcoming to preschoolers. Incredible updates were made to this room through an Early Childhood Education Grant funded by the Community Foundations for the Alleghenies.

Research Based Curriculum

Research Based Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on developing the whole child, allowing kiddos to learn through exploration. Each child learns in their own way and at different times - our curriculum supports ALL children learning in ALL ways. The purchase of this curriculum along with the related staff training could not have been possible without funding from an Early Childhood Education Grant funded by the Community Foundations for the Alleghenies.

Family Feel

Family Feel

Comfort and warmth are important to us. We love to form positive relationships with our center's children, their families and the community.

Social Emotional Health

Social Emotional Health

In addition to the ABCs and 123s, children will learn how to be kind to others and kind to themselves. Social emotional health is as important to us as cognitive development. Children develop some of their first friendships with us!

Celebrate Learning

Celebrate Learning

At STH Preschool, every victory counts! Whether it's putting on their own shoes or writing their name for the first time, we are cheering the kiddos on to build confidence and a love for learning.

Moving Bodies

Moving Bodies

Learning is important, and so is moving your body! We spend time outdoors to encourage gross motor development. Our center even has a newly added garden area where children can get fresh air and learn at the same time!

Top Notch Nutrition

Top Notch Nutrition

Our Hungry Caterpillar Kitchen is always serving up something tasty! We care about kids' nutrition and helping them develop a taste for healthy foods that nourish their growing bodies!

Quality Matters

Certified Through

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Thank You to our Partner  Agencies & Private Donors
who Help Keep our Mission Alive! WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU. 


Want to help provide an
early education for a child?


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financial burdens will not be an obstacle to your little one receiving an early education with us! 

Scholarships are Available 

PLEASE INQUIRE   814-420-8362 OR

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